These are all from a trip to Kenya in February, 2018. We went to Amboseli, Tsavo West, and Masai Mara national parks, and to Lewa and Borana, both of which are private rhino reserves. I was amazed by the sheer numbers of animals, all just there, together. Mostly, they were unconcerned about a few tourists in a Land Rover.

I mostly shot with a Sony RX10-mark IV, which turned out to be a fantastic choice. Changing lenses is very problematic there, both because of the dust and because things are happening at all distances very quickly. Having a small, quick camera with an effective 24-600 lens worked out great. I had my Sony 6500 and several lenses, as well, but the only time I used them was at night, when the bigger sensor mattered, and the few times I wanted wider than 24mm (I had a 10-18 and an 8mm fisheye for the a6500). Watching many other photogs struggle with big Canons and Nikons with monster lenses, I was really happy to have an excellent small sensor camera with a 600mm effective lens and fantastic autofocus!